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Pioneering technology to give foodstuff a second bite.

from former foodstuff to a high quality feed blend.

Trotec's LIFE F3 is a European project that promotes the development of innovative technology to process new streams of former foodstuffs into high quality feed. This is being realized with the contribution of the LIFE programme, the European Union’s financial instrument supporting environmental, nature conservation and climate action projects.

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Trotec's LIFE F3 project aims to demonstrate, validate and roll out new technologies on an industrial scale to process food waste. LIFE F3 wants to increase the volumes and enable new and complex types of food waste to be recovered and transformed into ingredients for animal feed. 

LIFE F3 is an international project between Belgium and France. The project aims to create synergy benefitting resource efficiency and benefacting the Green and Circular Economy of LIFE 2019 to enable Trotec to roll out its innovating technology and processes in other European countries.

How does Trotec do it?

Every year, Trotec processes over 179.000 tonnes of discarded food into a qualitative, rich and nutritious ingredient for animal feed. Trotec's LIFE F3 aims to allow an additional 50.000 tonnes to be processed.

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Trotec collects the former foodstuff directly at the supplier with tailored lightweight containers.

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Using advanced processes, Trotec is able to remove different types of packaging in a industrially scalable efficient manner with full traceability.

Machinery and industrial settings

Mix & Dry

With a custom built indirect drying system, Trotec is able to guarantee a consistent and scientifically based animal feed composition.

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Trotec guarantees a stable and nutritious product, made from lost or wasted food. 


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