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The Goals.

Trotec's LIFE F3 Project


Trotec wants to expand the types of former foodstuff that can be packed and, more importantly, unpacked. These new streams of products need to be processed on an industrial scale with a bigger focus on the following former foodstuff:

Optimal thermal treatment

Demonstrate an optimized thermal treatment that can handle challenging new food waste streams.

Packed products

All products that are already in their retail packaging as well as any sort of packaging such as cardboard boxes, trays, etc.

Automatic unpacking systems

One of Trotec's LIFE F3 goals is to significantly increase the amount of packed products by demonstrating automated unpacking systems.

Challenging characteristics

Packed and unpacked, some types of products pose extra challenges due to their unique characteristics such as density, viscosity and dry matter contents.

tons less CO2 emitted.
tons extra capacity.
tons more of packaging recycling.
tons of additional packaging reduction.

Raise Awareness.

Trotec's LIFE F3 project aims to raise awareness in the food/feed/packaging industries and to policy makers on the available options to process food waste into higher added value products.

Round Tables

Organize round tables with the food industry and retailers to increase awareness.

Spreading the word

Trotec aims to increasingly confirm the benefits of food to feed processing to a wide audience, from policy makers to the general public.

Knowledge exchange.

Exchange knowledge with other stakeholders of other potential end applications for our feed blend.

Data sharing

Results are actively shared with different food/feed associations and different policy makers of all levels.

Industry feedback

Share data with clients and suppliers on the amount or source of their former foodstuff collected by Trotec.

Real-time tracking

Trotec will implement an Industry 4.0 IT system to allow for real-time data sharing with the producer on their secondary flow waste, thereby stimulating waste prevention.

Goals by numbers.

tons of food waste processing capacity.
cubic meters of water consumption.
additional hectares of fertile land freed.