Charts & Data Visualisation

Efficiency through visualisation and data processing.

To measure is to know, a motto that is an absolute truth for quality assurance. Trotec is on the threshold of a digital transformation to make the company fit for the future.

Trotec's years of experience and expertise in processing former foodstuffs are confirmed by its data collection. All kinds of parameters are tested, measured and stored for all products that pass through our doors. This allows Trotec to accurately trace, test and monitor all products throughout the production process.

As part of the digital transformation, these data sets are evaluated and adjusted where necessary in order to be able to use the right data in the right place. This data is then visualised at various strategic points throughout the process in order to be able to intervene more efficiently and rapidly where necessary.

In the future, Trotec also wants to be able to monitor all containers in real time in order to organise automatic collections from suppliers, but also to be able to provide better reporting for all suppliers and customers with more insightful data, meaningful visualisations and historical records.